Why You Shouldn’t Let Just Anyone Administer Your Botox

Why You Shouldn’t Let Just Anyone Administer Your Botox

Botox® is among the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. That means many providers want to get on the bandwagon and offer the injectable wrinkle reducer; however, who you choose to administer your Botox to matters.

Before you sign up for what seems like a Botox bargain, read on to learn why you should be picky about finding a Botox injector.

Artful application

The FDA approved Botox for cosmetic use on forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and between the eyebrows. The cosmetic is sometimes used off-label to treat a cobblestone-like chin and bunny lines around the nose and mouth. 

Botox works by temporarily halting muscle activity in the areas that cause lines and wrinkles, when you frown, smile, or squint. Emoting all the time even etches permanent lines into your skin.

An experienced provider, like Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner Susan Andrea, RNC, FNP at Bethel Family Medicine in Brockton, Massachusetts, has an intimate understanding of these muscles' underlying facial structure and origin. 

Susan evaluates your face and selects the optimal injection place and depth to achieve impressive but natural results. 

Freeze-free outcome

Poorly administered Botox can leave you with a frozen, immovable face. Susan has vast experience using Botox on patients and applies the injectable in the correct dosage to get you the natural, refreshed look you desire. They customize treatment placement and amounts so you achieve your desired outcome. 

Reduce the risk of adverse outcomes.

When you choose to have Botox by a less-than-qualified provider, your risk of adverse side effects dramatically increases. Inexperience can lead to issues like:

Worse still, in April, the FDA reported that 19 women in nine states became ill after receiving counterfeit Botox injections from unqualified injectors. The Centers for Disease Control advises that you ask whether a provider and setting is licensed and trained to administer Botox.

Susan is licensed and experienced. She knows how and where to apply Botox and who will respond best to the injectable. 

Maximize your results

Botox is not the only cosmetic procedure available at Bethel Family Medicine. The practice also offers Juvéderm® and Radiesse® cosmetic fillers. Susan can recommend combining Botox injections with these to get the most comprehensive, outstanding results possible.

Want to explore how Botox can reduce the appearance of forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines? Call or reach out online to schedule an appointment at Bethel Family Medicine today.


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