Thank you for your interest in our cosmetic services! First, let us tell you that you can schedule a FREE consult with Susan Andrea F.N.P. to discuss the best treatment plan for you.  Susan is an excellent provider, and her no-pressure approach is different from many other injectors.  

There are different types of cosmetic products: 

  • We have Botox™ and Xeomin™ also known as wrinkle relaxers.  These target lines in the forehead, crow’s feet and fine lines above the lips.  These are priced by the unit.
  • We offer several dermal fillers including   Radiesse™, and Juvederm™.  These are for lifting cheeks, giving volume, and filling parenthesis lines near the mouth.  These are sold by the tube.    

Again, the free consult can answer your questions and give you an exact price.  We never oversell, we will tell you exactly what you need for a good outcome! We look forward to helping you look your very best!



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