How to Time Your Cosmetic Botox Treatment Before Events

 How to Time Your Cosmetic Botox Treatment Before Events

Botox® treatments are made from a purified toxin that weakens or freezes the contraction of muscles. 

Repetitive facial movements paired with the loss of collagen and elastin cause certain types of wrinkles. Fortunately, limiting these facial movements allows the skin to remain soft and prevents facial lines from developing, even with a decrease in collagen and elastin production. 

Botox is used for frown lines, crow’s feet, and lines on the forehead. If your concerns are linked to loss of volume — such as hollowness underneath the eyes, thin lips, or sagging cheeks — our experts can offer you dermal fillers. Injectables restore volume in the face, providing a plump and youthful appearance. 

However, if necessary, professionals can combine dermal fillers with Botox. 

If you’re thinking about freshening up your appearance for a special event, read on. Below, we asked our experts at Bethel Family Medicine to explain how long it takes for the Botox results to kick in, and how to plan around potential side effects. 

How long does Botox take to soften your wrinkles?

The effects of Botox take about 48 hours to be visible. Depending on the speed of your metabolism, and your activity level, Botox results can last anywhere between four and six months. 

How to plan out your treatments for potential side effects 

Side effects from Botox injections are minimal. They most commonly occur not because of the substance injected but because the needles irritate the treated area. Some patients may experience redness and bruising after the Botox treatments. 

Bruising is less common, but it can occur if the needle hits a blood vessel. Unfortunately, not even a skilled provider can always guess where to inject to avoid blood vessels. 

Bruising from Botox can last about a week. You can decrease your risk for bruising by avoiding supplements and medications that thin out the blood. 

Ginseng, primrose oil, turmeric, chamomile, and fenugreek are all known blood thinners. Aspirin is also known to increase your risk for bruising. 

Get your Botox treatment with us 

Good candidates for Botox treatments don’t have any skin infections, neurological conditions, or conditions that impact the muscles of the face.

If you have fine lines and wrinkles that you would like to treat, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our experts will examine your facial features and let you know whether you’d benefit from Botox treatments. We’ll also explain what you can expect from the treatments and how long it will take to see the final results. 

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