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How to Pass Your DOT Physical

The DOT physical is a medical checkup required for commercial truck drivers to ensure that they’re healthy enough to operate vehicles without putting themselves or others at risk.

During a DOT physical, the examiner performs a vision test, hearing test, neurological exam, and he or she also looks for spine deformities as well as abdomen, heart, and lung abnormalities.

Do you want to ensure your physical goes as smoothly as possible? If so, read on. We asked our team of specialists at Bethel Family Medicine about how to increase your chances of passing the DOT physical.

Organize all your paperwork beforehand 

DOT physicals require a lot of paperwork. To prevent speed bumps, bring all of your medical records, a complete list of the medications you take, and a list of any health conditions from which you suffer.

If you’ve had a DOT physical in the past, make sure you’ve completed all the action items recommended by the previous DOT examiner. 

Be honest about your medical history 

Being honest about your medical history is key when completing the DOT physical forms. By omitting diseases or surgeries, you expose yourself to the risk of getting your medical card revoked. 

On the health questionnaire, our professionals may ask you about any surgeries you’ve had, conditions you’ve been diagnosed with, medications you take, and symptoms you’re experiencing. They may also ask about substance abuse and if you’re currently fighting addictions. 

Make healthier choices before getting tested 

Lifestyle choices are often underestimated, but what you eat, how much you sleep, and whether or not  your body is bombarded with toxins can all have a significant impact on your overall health.

During your DOT physical, professionals will measure your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, so you may benefit from eating foods low in refined sugar and trans fats. 

If you want to increase your chances of passing the DOT physical, you may also benefit from quitting cigarettes and caffeine, as well as getting at least eight hours of sleep per night on a regular basis.

Ideally, you should start making healthier choices at least three weeks before your DOT physical to see an improvement in your overall health.

Get your DOT physical with us 

The DOT physical can be a stressful test, but if you’re in overall good health or have a chronic disease that’s kept under control, you can pass the exam and safely drive commercial vehicles. 

Are you looking for a certified DOT medical examiner? Our team at Bethel Family Medicine can help you out. If you want to get your DOT physical, contact us to schedule an appointment at our office located in Brockton, Massachusetts. 

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