How Long Should I Take My Child Out of School for Strep Throat?

How Long Should I Take My Child Out of School for Strep Throat?

Children often catch strep throat because the bacteria is contagious. Streptococcus (group A strep) can be transmitted via saliva and nasal secretion from an infected person. And since kids often touch their noses and mouths, it’s no wonder how an entire classroom can catch the infection. 

Immunity also plays a role in why some children get the infection more often than others. 

Strep throat isn’t a serious diagnosis. However, it does require treatment and rest. Below, we asked our experts at Bethel Family Medicine to explain what the recovery timeline may look like. 

How long should your kid stay at home?

Unfortunately, your kid can get strep throat again. Most people don’t develop immunity, and there’s no vaccine for it. 

That said, keep an eye on your child’s symptoms. Some kids may take longer to heal. Symptoms include the following:

If symptoms don’t improve, or if they worsen over time, contact a medical provider to ensure the infection isn’t spreading. 

Strep throat treatment 

Mild cases of strep throat can be managed with homemade remedies such as salt water and water with vinegar, which can ease the pain and kill some of the bacteria locally. 

However, if your child’s symptoms are moderate to severe, they may benefit from seeing a medical provider. Spec ialists usually recommend antibiotics for three to seven days when treating strep throat. 

Moderate to severe strep throat can come with complications if left untreated. These include abscesses in the mouth, kidney inflammation, and rheumatic fever. 

Determine the severity of your child’s strep throat

Strep throat is common in children. However, the infection is worth investigating, and you can’t determine the severity by the symptoms alone. 

If you want to make sure your child is doing well, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our empathetic team at Bethel Family Medicine will examine your child and inform you about the best treatment course and how many days your child should stay at home. 

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