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When it comes to women’s health, there is a lot of misinformation about hormone replacement therapy. The experienced team at Bethel Family Medicine in Brockton, Massachusetts, which includes certified menopause specialist Douglas Grogan, MD, offers hormone replacement therapy to improve health as well as to relieve symptoms of menopause. To learn more about the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, call the office today or book an appointment online.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that restores hormone balance to reduce symptoms caused by menopause. The team at Bethel Family Medicine specializes in women’s health and provide many hormone replacement options, including pharmaceutical and compounded bioidentical hormone medications. These treatments can be given topically as a patch or cream, or as a pill.

Pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy uses synthetic hormones, while bioidentical hormones are created from plants and have the same chemical composition as the hormones in your body. Both treatments are effective in managing menopausal symptoms.

Am I a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy?

Your medical specialist at Bethel Family Medicine determines if you’re a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy after an evaluation and review of your symptoms and medical history. Hormone replacement therapy is effective for reducing many of the symptoms caused by menopause, including:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low libido

Many women have concerns about hormone replacement therapy because of its link to health issues such as breast cancer and heart disease. To reduce any risk, Dr. Grogan and the team at Bethel Family Medicine provide you with the lowest dose of hormones possible for the shortest amount of time.

In addition to getting relief from your symptoms, hormone replacement therapy may also reduce your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancer.

You may not be a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy if you have a history of heart disease or breast cancer.

Can hormone replacement therapy help my hot flashes?

Yes. Hormone replacement therapy may be an effective treatment for your hot flashes. This symptom, which causes you to experience a sudden increase in heat in your upper body, is the most common symptom menopausal women experience and may begin a year before you reach menopause and last a year or more after.

While hormone replacement therapy may reduce your hot flashes, you may also find that antidepressants or gabapentin, which is a medication used to treat epilepsy, also helps alleviate hot flashes.

Hormone replacement therapy can relieve symptoms and improve health. The team at Bethel Family Medicine can personalize a compounded hormone treatment that meets your specific needs to optimize health and wellness.

To learn more about hormone replacement therapy, call Bethel Family Medicine today or request an appointment online.